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This blog is about my journey through the brain tumor world with my dear husband, Lou. While not a journey I would wish on even my worst enemy, it is a journey that has enlightened and awakened me to what lies within us, and around us, each and every moment of each and every day. There are lessons here....lessons in this journey.....lessons from Lou....that I would like to share with you.

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Picture of Lou (sick) and I at a party, circa 2005, long ago and faraway. I'm now a middle aged widow, trying to get my life back together. Mother of two young adult sons, living with two adult cats.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Walked The Walk

We did the Walk on Saturday. It was an unbelievably gorgeous day here. Bright blue sky, sunshine, no humidity, perfect temperature. I have no idea how many people were there, but the event raised over $400,000, which was their goal, and $100,000 more than last year. Last year, they had 2,000 participants, so I am sure there were more this year. We had 17 walkers with us. Family mostly, dear friends, and folks from the office. We sort of ambled as we had two wagons with us, little ones! Our team has raised over $3,000. I'm happy about that, but NEXT YEAR...LOOK OUT! I was really touched several times during the walk. It was emotional for me. The brain tumor bond is very very strong. I feel connected to anyone dealing with this awful disease. And, my heart just breaks for them, knowing the road they tread. There was a young woman pushing a guy, about 20 something, in a wheelchair. The sign she wore on the back of her tshirt said she was walking for her brother, Lou. Of course, that caught my attention. Lou was in the wheelchair she was pushing. His shirt said "I am walking for myself". The image of Lou in a wheelchair appeared. Sometimes I can't even believe that WAS Lou. Not our Lou. I'm praying for that Lou in the wheelchair. I don't think he was doing all that well. My heart is still heavy thinking about him, his sister, the love they share, the fight they face. Another young guy in a wheel chair with a large scar on his skull. Surgery scar. So many people walking in memory of someone. Pictures on their shirts and signs. And then I connected with someone from Florida, who I've chatted with in the online brain tumor support group. We had planned to find each other. She lost her mom about the time we lost Lou. Her team raised $10,000, WOW!! It was special meeting her. As I said, the brain tumor bond is tight. Very. That's just the way it is, for alot of us anyway. It doesn't leave you. It forever changes you. So, I'm glad we did the walk. I'm glad we did it for all the people suffering with this beast, and all the ones to come. And, I'm glad we did it to honor Lou, and the valiant battle he fought, a battle he never really comprehended. I guess it was better that way. For him. Not for us.


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